As the summer comes to an end in Stockholm.

Well, the weather has been pretty cool this summer rarely going above 20C in the 3 months I have spent in Sweden, but that is something we all live with now.

Me I have been really busy while here on vacation, plenty of shooting has been done with some great images as a result, while also finding time to really update all my social media sites and as you may have seen, a whopping great big update to my website, which as always is still pretty much a work in progress, though hopefully a good one.

Have fun and enjoy whats left of the summer, as I will be travelling south back to Kuala Lumpur in less than 2 weeks time, where I will be very focussed on creating some of the best images I can create, so lots of new images and ideas coming over the winter.

All the very best wherever you are !!

//Sean Michael

Sean Michael Jones