First trip booked to Singapore...

Well so much for the blogging twice a week, as things seam always to take much longer than expected...:)

Friday Sept 23rd we will head down to the city state of Singapore for a few days of mostly shooting the city itself, while looking for both the old and new to create something a little special in this Asian metropolis. I will be out and about during the daytime too trying to grab some exotic flowers and anything else thats alive weather permitting, so lets see if all things being equal what I come back with, its been nearly 3 years since last we were there. We will also be eating at a favourite restaurant of mine called "Bar Bar Black Sheep" along the Singapore river, now thats worth the trip on its own, the word delicious keeps floating around in my head....:)

I am also planning trips to Penang and maybe one other island off the coast in the next few weeks and then later on in December a longer trip to Thailand, island hoping around Phuket Phi Phi and Krabi...

So lots more to come, and I will try to improve my blogging frequency.

AtB //Sean

Sean Michael Jones