Tickets Booked and packing is ongoing

Well its done, planning has moved on to bookings made and in a few weeks time I will be heading off to Amsterdam to spend a quiet weekend with the son who is working there, obviously shooting some too, before moving on to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

This will then be my base for the next year or so as I set out on a quest to photograph as much of Asia as I can over the next few years. I will probably break it down into smaller parts as we move into the details of locations and when best to shoot from a weather perspective. Thats not to say everything is going to be sunny and bright, some of the best images you can take are when things get a little more dramatic.

My first travel destination should be Thailand in November, then I am looking to mix in some new ideas and types of locations, in countries I will revisit as well as brand new countries on my list of places to see.

More to come once I am on the road and will start releasing my Tips & Tricks once travelling!


Sean Michael Jones