sean michael jones
sean michael jones
A Nature & Landscape Photographer capturing a world of tropical dreams



A World of Tropical Nature

is Hot & Spicy and drenched in gorgeously tropical light


A World of Tropical Landscapes

landscape photography drenched in gorgeously tropical light



A World of Tropical Cityscapes

is Urban & Cool and drenched in gorgeously tropical light


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I am a Nature & Landscape Photographer working in Southeast Asia. 

I spend about 10 months of the year based in Kuala Lumpur, though travel as much as I can throughout Southeast Asia exploring the coastal landscapes and the sometimes sublime nature that is on offer.  

Malaysia being my base is where I capture a lot of my work over the year travelling pretty much all over the country looking for the less photographed locations.

This is something I once dreamed about when I was at school, reading about Raffles and the history of Southeast Asia as europeans travelled east for trade, and about 12 years ago I got my first chance to visit this exotic world full of colour. That was an experience I will never forget and plan to continue as I search out the beauty of this most vibrant part of our planet.


My Photographic approach
is about finding the sublime in the world around us, from the simplest of floral textures to the gorgeously tropical colours of a sunrise. Its also about slowing things down a little, its about capturing the stifling humidity of a tropical forest, or that cooling chill of a mountainous waterfall and tasting the salt of a thunderous seascape.